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Current Events

There are always a number of activities planned that are beneficial and fun for all.  For a complete list please see our Current Events page.

Fall 2017 Gospel Meeting

Our Fall 2017 gospel meeting is now in the early planning stages.  It will be held the week of Oct 23rd with brother Tom Butterfield delivering the lessons.  Please plan on attending one or all the services at our Fall meeting to learn more about what the Lord would have us to know in this life.  Click on the above link as it will be populated with additional details as they become available.

2017 Stark County Men's Retreat

Our 2017 Stark County men's retreat is now over.  The retreat was held on Friday, Apr 28th through Saturday, Apr 29th at the Elkhorn Valley Christian Service Camp in Bergholz, OH.  If you would like to attend next year please contact one of the local Stark County congregations for details or click on the above link.  This is a great opportunity to get to know your fellow brethren from area congregations.

2017 Family Camp

Our 2017 Family Camp will be coming soon, so please mark your calendars.  Click on the above link for the details.

Get away for a week of spiritual enrichment and Christian fun at Family Camp. A week of Christ-centered activities is planned for your entire family at NORTHEASTERN OHIO CHRISTIAN YOUTH CAMP in Lisbon, Ohio.

2017 Vacation Bible School

The 2017 VBS is now over.  It was held Monday, June 19th  through Friday, June 23rd and was available for children ages 2 through grade 12.  There was also be an adult bible class so that no age was exempt. 

Please plan on having your children attending this fun filled event next year to enrich their lives.  See our Vacation Bible School Homepage for enrollment information.

2017 Stark County Youth Meeting

The 2017 Stark County Youth Meeting is now over as we hope you were able to attend.  This year's event hosted the youth from area congregations as well as some outside our close geographic proximity on March 24-25, 2017.  Please plan on attending 2018's event as it offers our youth a rewarding experience with their peers.

Prayer List (Under Development)

There is a good number of us that need our prayers.  Please see our Prayer List to get a full listing.