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 A Brief History of the Church of Christ

Restoration Movement

In the late 1700's and early 1800's, a religious movement, which came to be known as the Restoration Movement began to spread like wildfire across America.  Various religious leaders from various denominations who were tired of the religious division in this country sought to unite all Christians by simply going back to the Bible, especially the New Testament, as the only rule of faith and practice.  Since Jesus built only one church, and since the New Testament reveals that church, it is our goal to be like the church that Jesus built, in faith and in practice.


Church of Christ in Massillon, OH

The Church of Christ in Massillon, Ohio was first organized on April 11, 1943, when a group of 11 adults and 11 children met in a storefront room located at 902 Tremont, S.W.  The offering for that Sunday was $17.00.

From this small beginning, the church has grown into it's present facility at 915 State Avenue.  The first elders were installed in 1948, and the first full-time preacher, Jack W. Hawkins, came in 1952.  The present preacher, Glenn E. Hawkins, has served over 25 years.  Our elders are Harvey Nixon and Keith Crum.

Our goal is to be the church, both in faith and in practice that Jesus established in the New Testament.  We are Christians, nothing more, nothing less and nothing else.  Please come and worship with us at any time.


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